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Plan Options: Health Advocacy and Employee Advocate
Insurance can be confusing and sometimes you just need a helping hand. Woodbury Corporation offers these advocate services at no cost to employees to help make insurance experiences as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Employee Advocate Services

Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy Services offers you expert assistance with a wide range of healthcare and health insurance issues. Let us help you – your spouse, dependents, parents and parents-in-law – get the answers you need, when you need them, 24/7, at no additional cost to you.

Find the right health care professionals based on your needs.
Locate specialists, schedule appointments, arrange medical tests or special treatments.
Answer questions about diagnoses, test results, treatments, medications and more.
Get the estimated fees for services in your area.
Find in-home care, adult day care, group homes, assisted living and long-term care and more….

This program is available to you at no charge through New York Life. Call 1 (866) 799-2725 for more info.

Employee Advocate

Diversified Insurance has a dedicated employee advocacy team to help resolve claims problems, enrollment complications, and other service related issues. Employee Advocates will work with you and your providers to ensure that each party gets their questions answered and problems resolved.

Diversified Employee Advocates can:

  • Work with carriers on billing and claim payment issues for employee medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Coordinate between the pharmacy and the health plan for escalated pharmacy issues
  • Explain network access and payment process for in and out-of-network providers
  • Work with providers to file paperwork if claims have been denied due to lack of required authorization
  • Clarify the total and out-of-pocket cost for services provided
  • Assist with referrals and prior authorizations
  • Help with all levels of appeals
  • Ensure services are being coordinated when multiple doctors or coverages are involved
  • Help you gain access to care and services
  • Define preventive care and associated guidelines
  • Assist in finding a specialist for a condition or diagnosis
  • Explain benefit plan details and coverage provisions

This service is available to you at no charge.

Call: 801-325-5052 | 801-325-5028
Email: [email protected]

This information is designed to help you choose a benefit plan for 2023 only. Please refer to the Plan Documents provided by the carrier for information regarding coverage, limitations, and exclusions. If there is a difference between this guide and the Plan Documents, the Plan Documents prevail.