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Can I buy additional accident protection?How will I pay my bills if I'm hospitalized?Can I be rewarded for wellness checkups?

Plan Options: Accident, Cancer, and Critical Illness Plans
Woodbury Corporation offers these additional voluntary benefits through Guardian Life to help you navigate life’s challenges. Guardian’s goal is to help you and your family cope with and recover from the financial stress of a serious accident or illness. These plans are not major medical insurance; they are insurance for daily living and pay cash directly to you to help with daily living expenses.

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Voluntary Benefit Options

Voluntary Accident Insurance

Accident insurance pays you a lump sum in cash after you suffer an accident like a severe burn, broken bone or emergency room visit. Our accident insurance policies also offer a special benefit that pays extra for children injured while playing an organized sport like soccer, baseball, lacrosse, or football*.

With health coverage becoming more expensive with higher co-pays, premiums, and deductibles, accident insurance can be a great, affordable way to supplement and cover the additional expenses your health and disability insurance doesn’t cover, including x-rays, ambulance services, deductibles, and even things like rent or groceries. Includes accidental death benefit: $50,000 for employee, $25,000 for spouse, and $5,000 for child.

Must work 30+ hours per week to be eligible for the benefit. See enrollment system for Voluntary Accident Insurance rates.

Voluntary Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance can help you handle medical plan deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs; non-medical expenses such as transportation to treatment facilities; even everyday living expenses such as groceries, rent and mortgage payments.

The unexpected out-of-pocket expenses of cancer recovery, such as transportation to chemotherapy, copays, and deductibles, can add up fast. What’s more, two thirds of cancer recovery costs are non-medical, such as covering the mortgage, child care, and other household expenses. Cancer insurance can help you pay for all of these expenses.

Must work 30+ hours per week to be eligible for the benefit. See enrollment system for Voluntary Cancer Insurance rates.

Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illnesses include stroke, heart attacks, Parkinson’s, cancer, and more. Our policies cover over 30 major illnesses. If you happen to get diagnosed with one of these illnesses, our plans can pay you a lump sum of up to $20,000.

It’s an affordable way to supplement and pay for the additional expenses your health insurance doesn’t cover. Plus, some of our policies pay out additional cash if you find yourself in the hospital for less serious illnesses or injuries.

Must work 30+ hours per week to be eligible for the benefit. See enrollment system for Voluntary Cancer Insurance rates.

Wellness Benefit for the Accident or Critical Illness Plans

Wellness Benefit pays when insured completes screenings such as mammography, colonoscopy, pap smear, PSA, serum cholesterol testing, completion of smoking cessation, and weight reduction programs. Benefits are paid even if medical insurance is paying 100% of the cost.

Provides a per year benefit:
Employee $100
Spouse $100
Child $100

How to enroll
Enroll via the Ignite Online Enrollment system.

This information is designed to help you choose a benefit plan for 2023 only. Please refer to the Plan Documents provided by the carrier for information regarding coverage, limitations, and exclusions. If there is a difference between this guide and the Plan Documents, the Plan Documents prevail.