Where can I get an eye exam?Can I get both glasses and contacts?Is LASIK covered?

Network Options: Superior National Network by MetLife
Superior Vision’s nationwide network of refractive surgeons offers MetLife members a discount on services. These discounts may vary by provider and should be verified prior to service. Some providers in the network include:

  • America’s Best
  • Costco Optical
  • Eyeglass World
  • LensCrafters
  • Pearle Vision
  • Sam’s Club Optical
  • Shopko Optical
  • Target Optical
  • Visionworks
  • Walmart Vision Centers

1 (833) 393-5433 | metlife.com/vision

Vision Plan

Superior Vision Plan by MetLife
With the Superior Vision Plan by MetLife you will only have access to the Superior Vision Network and you must work at least 20 hours each week to be eligible.

New for 2023!
  • Increased annual allowance from $130 to $150
  • Larger Network
With your Superior Vision Preferred Provider Organization Plan, you can:
  • Go to any licensed Superior Vision provider and receive coverage. Just remember your benefit dollars go further when you stay in network.
  • Choose from a large network of ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians, from private practices to retailers like Costco® Optical, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Visionworks.
Out-of-network coverage
A provider who is “out-of-network” means the provider hasn’t agreed to negotiated rates. The plan provides an allowance amount and if the out-of-network provider charges more, you’ll be responsible for paying the amount that exceeds the allowance amount.
Routine Vision Exams
Eye health exam, dilation, prescription and refraction for glasses
$10 copay
$45 allowance
Retinal imaging
Up to a $39 copay
Not Covered
Contacts, Exams, Frames, and Lenses
every plan year
Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, Lined Trifocal, Lenticular
Covered in full after
$10 copay
Up to
$100 allowance
$150 allowance after $10 copay
$70 allowance
Lens Enhancements
Standard Polycarbonate (child up to age 18)
Other Enhancements
Covered in full after $10 copay
May be viewed at metlife.com/mybenefits
Contact Lenses in lieu of Eyeglasses
Standard Fitting
Specialty Fitting
Elective Lenses
Medically Necessary
$25 copay
$50 allowance after $25 copay
$150 allowance
Covered in Full
Not Covered
Not Covered
$105 allowance
$210 allowance
  • Additional savings on glasses and sunglasses: Members may receive 50% off of additional complete pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses at Visionworks or 30% off at other participating providers on the same transaction. Otherwise, a 20% discount off the provider’s usual and customary rate may be available.
  • Additional savings on frames: 20% off any amount over your frames allowance.
  • Additional savings on contacts: 15% off any amount over your contact lens allowance. 15% discount on additional contacts beyond your covered amount.
  • Laser vision correction: Savings of 40% - 50% off the national average price of traditional LASIK are available at over 1,000 locations across our nationwide network of laser vision correction providers.
  • Hearing discounts: A National Hearing Network of hearing care professionals, featuring Your Hearing Network, offers Superior Vision members discounts on services, hearing aids and accessories. These discounts should be verified prior to service. (855) 400-9764