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Woodbury Corporation

Woodbury Corporation / Employee Assistance Program

Can I get anxiety & depression support?I need someone to talk to...Can I balance my body and mind?How can I eat healthier?

Plan Option: Employee Assistance Program
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of balancing work and family life? Maybe you have questions about a legal or financial concern. You and your family members now have access to various counseling services including legal, financial, and work-life balance assistance. All counseling calls are answered by a Master’s or PhD-level counselor who will collect some general information and will discuss your needs. The Employee Assistance Program provides a maximum of three in-person or virtual sessions, per issue, per year.

1 (800) 344-9752 | | Web Id: NYLGBS

Life Assistance Program

Guidance Resources®

When you need information quickly to help handle life’s challenges, you can visit for resources and tools on topics such as health and wellness, legal regulations, family and relationships, work and education, money and investments, and home and auto. You will also have access to articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows, on-demand trainings and “Ask the Expert” which provides personal responses to your questions.

Well-being Coaching®

Sometimes you may need help with personal challenges and physical issues that can be overwhelming. To help you achieve your goals, you will have access to a certified coach who will work with you, one on one, to address health and well-being issues such as burnout, time management and coping with stress. You have access to five sessions per year. All sessions are conducted telephonically.

Family Source®

Managing the everyday concerns of home, work and family can be difficult. To help resolve those concerns, you have access to family care service specialists that provide customized research, educational materials and pre-screened referrals for childcare, adoption, elder care, education, and pet care.