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How can I make a will?How can I protect my identity?How do I deal with moving violations?

Legal Protections

Affordable access to a lawyer when you need one.

The program features:

Access to a nationwide network of attorneys for a variety of personal legal needs including estate planning, financial matters, real estate matters, defense of civil lawsuits, family law, traffic offenses, juvenile matters and consumer protection.

Attorney access by phone or in person for consultations and certain court appearances.

A low cost of $11.25 per pay period, which covers you, your spouse and your dependents and is paid by convenient payroll deductions.

The Plan provides access to both In-Network and Out-of-Network attorneys. Covered services provided by an In-Network attorney are generally paid in full by the Plan, while services provided by an Out-of-Network attorney are paid based on a fee reimbursement schedule up to the stated Plan maximum for that service. Whether you use an In-Network or Out-of-Network attorney, there are no waiting periods or limits on how frequently services can be used.

For details, please contact Hyatt Legal at 1 (800) 821-6400 or

Once you’re enrolled, click on “MEMBER LOGIN” at the top of the web page to access services.

Vehicle and Driving Matters
Defense of traffic tickets (with exception of DUI)
Driving privileges restoration
Repossession of vehicle

Home and Real Estate Matters
Sale or purchase of primary residence and vacation home (not investment properties)
Refinancing and home equity loan
Tenant negotiations (but not as a landlord)
Eviction defense

Money Matters
Negotiations with creditors
Personal bankruptcy
Identity theft defense
Tax audit representation (municipal, state or federal)

Elder Care Legal Services
Medicare or Medicaid questions
Review of nursing home agreements

Civil Lawsuits
Civil litigation defense and mediation
Disputes over consumer goods and services
Small claims assistance
Pet liabilities

Estate Planning
Simple and complex wills
Revocable and irrevocable trusts
Powers of attorney (health care, financial, childcare)
Living wills
Health care proxies

Family and Personal Matters
Prenuptial agreement
Juvenile court defense
Protection from domestic violence
Review of immigration documents

There are some types of legal services that are not covered under this Plan. Excluded from coverage are certain domestic matters such as divorce, DUI-related offenses, nuisance claims, any business-related matters (including rental property), employment related legal actions or activities and any matter where a spouse’s or dependent’s interest might conflict with your interest.

ID Theft Protections

ID Theft Protection

IDShield offers protection beyond identity theft with complete privacy and reputation management services to help keep your online identity and personal information private.

Consultation on best practices for identity management

Monitoring of your identity from every angle, not just Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts, and more.

Online dashboard monitoring, updating daily, let’s you see right away if there are changes to your profile.

If any change in your status occurs, you receive an email alert. If a consumer spots suspicious or fraudulent activity, they can contact a private investigator immediately and begin restoring their identity to its pre-theft status

Our IDShield app keeps you connected. Download it and have an identity-theft expert at your fingertips

Access IDShield:
Step 1:
Setup your account at using your Member number.
Step 2:
Add the personal information you would like monitored, including social media accounts.
Step 3:
Download the IDShield mobile app to recieve instant alerts and monthly tracking resources.

This information is designed to help you choose a benefit plan for 2023 only. Please refer to the Plan Documents provided by the carrier for information regarding coverage, limitations, and exclusions. If there is a difference between this guide and the Plan Documents, the Plan Documents prevail.