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Where can I get an eye exam?Can I get both glasses and contacts?Is LASIK covered?

Network Options: VSP Network
Make an appointment and tell your provider you are a VSP memeber. Your provider and VSP will take care of you from there.

Vision with VSP is as easy as 1, 2, 3
ID cards and claim forms are a thing of the past!

Find a VSP network provider
(800) 877-7195 | | Group #30017411

Vision Plan

Routine Vision Exams
Contacts Fitting & Evaluation
You pay a $10 copay
You pay a $60 copay
Plan reimburses up to $50
Plan reimburses up to $105
Contacts, Exams, Frames, and Lenses
every 12 months 1
Single Vision 2
Lined Bifocal 2
Lined Trifocal 2
You pay
$25 copay
$25 copay
$25 copay
Plan reimburses
Up to $50
Up to $75
Up to $100
Plan provides a $200 allowance 4
Plan reimburses up to $70
Contact Lenses
Prescription Medically Necessary
Prescription Elective in lieu of Eyeglass
You pay 0% after a $25 copay
Plan provides a $130 allowance
Plan reimburses up to $210
Plan reimburses up to $105
** Out-of-Network claims can be submitted for reimbursement online at
1 Based off date of service.
2 Limited to standard, uncoated plastic lenses.
3 Frame and lens allowance amounts may also be used for non-prescription sunglasses or non-prescription blue light filtering glasses under the VSP LightCare program.
4 A 20% discount is applied to frames over the $200 allowance.

This information is designed to help you choose a benefit plan for 2022 only. Please refer to the Plan Documents provided by the carrier for information regarding coverage, limitations and exclusions. If there is a difference between this guide and the Plan Documents, the Plan Documents prevail.